The International Association of Packaging Research Institutes supports and advances packaging research and education by facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.

IAPRI is a key contributor to the worldwide development of responsible packaging through networking between its academic and industrial members.

Aims: How do we reach our vision 
  • Establish and advance professional and personal relations between associates of packaging research and educational institutions around the world.
  • Enable peer review with respect to methodology, analysis, and potential outcomes at early stages of research projects.
  • Facilitate exchange of anticipated research projects with respect to instrumentation, measurement, analytical techniques, advice on equipment and apparatus, avoiding duplication of work by means of the knowledge exchange between researchers’ participation in IAPRI Communities of Practice and conferences. 
  • Promote the importance of packaging science and technology at the University level to target groups, including international organizations, government bodies, and foundations.
 These aims are supported and enabled by:
  • IAPRI World and Member Conferences, symposia, and other educational events.
  • Our Communities of Practice activities.
  • Collaboration with publishers to facilitate the recognition and publishing of the scientific and scholarly work of our members.


May 8 2024

IAPRI Members Elect Four Directors to Serve 2024-2027 Terms

The membership has elected three new Institutional Director, Rapheal Auras, Carmen Sanchez, and Zhi-Wei Wang to service on the board. Péter Böröcz has been elected to a second term as an Institutional Director. One director, Cristina Guzman, is retiring as an Institutional Director.
Apr 20 2024

LAST DAYS EARLY BIRD! 200 € OFF! 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference

Don't miss out! The 24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference, which will be held from 17-21 June in Valencia (Spain), is selling out fast. At the current pace, we expect a complete sell-out by mid-May.
Mar 24 2024

IAPRI 2024 Annual Member Meeting

The IAPRI Board of Directors General is inviting
IAPRI Member Delegates and Associates to attend.
Feb 27 2024

Consider the possibility of hosting the 25th World Packaging Conference in their country in 2026

The IAPRI Board of Directors is requesting that all members take some time to consider the possibility of hosting the 25th World Packaging Conference in their country in 2026. It can be a very rewarding experience.  IAPRI will help you with your planning.

IAPRI Events

Jun 17 2024

24th IAPRI World Packaging Conference

ITENE's 30th Anniversary takes place in 2024 and they are proud to host IAPRl's 24th World Packaging Conference as part of their special events and activities devoted to show how knowledge and technology make an impact to build a safer and more sustainable future.

Jun 9 2025

32nd IAPRI Member Conference 2025

"The Future of Packaging is Circular"

IAPRI member institutes interested in hosting the IAPRI 25th World Packaging Conference in 2026  should contact IAPRI's Secretary General at sg@iapri.org

IAPRI Communities of Practice