Distribution Packaging

Members: individual researchers, educators, and other packaging professionals from IAPRI members who have a common interest in all aspects of distribution packaging. They are willing to collaborate regularly to share information, improve their skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the domain. They take ownership of this area of interest and create value for their colleagues.

Mission statement

Mission: To provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas on distribution packaging research including:
  • Identify those issues related to distribution packaging that are seen to be important, relevant to the broader distribution packaging community and need reviewing.
  • Tackle various aspects relating to distribution packaging that remain unresolved or in need of improvement.
  • Meet regularly to engage in forward looking discussions and set the research agenda.
  • Promote the exchange of students and personnel across institutions.
  • Promote collaborative research projects across institutions
  • Work together to increase the likelihood of attracting research / development funding to assist us in our research


Vincent Rouillard, Victoria University, Australia


Current Working Groups within the community
Establishing WG’s within the CoP, each with a well-defined mission on a specific issue helps broaden participation.  Currently there are several ‘hot’ topics that seem to be of interest to many and these include:
  •  Lateral transient acceleration events on road transport vehicles
  • Multi axial vibrations and their relevance in particular scenarios
  • How to characterize / simulate random vibrations (non-Gaussian. Accelerated lab testing…)
  • Shocks (on random) during road transport
  • Shocks and vibrations from air and sea transport – when are they relevant and how to deal with them
  • The eternal battle between protecting products from distribution hazards while avoiding unnecessary packaging

The Community of Practice’s activities are recorded on a restricted account on the CoP's engagement page. If you wish to join the community, please email the current chair, Vincent.Rouillard@vu.edu.au.