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30th IAPRI Member Conference - 2021
All IAPRI researchers and academics in the packaging community, the IAPRI Member Conference is less than two months away! Now is the time to register for this three-day event.

Member Profile

ASD, Turkey: a focus on the future, export and industry needs
The role of affiliate members within IAPRI is an important one, acting as a bridge between their own members, when it comes to other associations, and the packaging research and education community worldwide. The Turkish Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD) is a prime example of this – and an enduring one, in the context of IAPRI.

Research News

WPO and WDO Announces Virtual World Design Challenge on Sustainable Packaging
WPO and WDO want to get the international packaging and design community involved! But, subscriptions must be before April 30th!

Printed electronics and nanosensors for intelligent packaging at MSU
The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded Michigan State University (MSU) close to $500,000 for a project exploring intelligent packaging, combining nanoscale sensors with printed electronics able to transmit data about freshness and spoilage.

Sustainable packaging design challenge
The US-based Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is inviting responses to its challenge to find primary packaging design innovations to combat food waste. Those interested have until 18 June 2021 to submit entries for the SPC’s Food Waste Repackaged.

Member News

VU, Australia, includes sustainable packaging in innovation hub
Australia’s Victoria University (VU) in Melbourne will host a new Sustainable Futures Innovation Hub on its Werribee Campus, funded by an AUD 4.9 million ($3.8m) award from the state, and focused on developments in packaging, waste, construction and water management.

Tampere, Finland, investigates new options for takeaway food
Recognizing the impact of takeaway and home-delivery food packaging, as well as the potential for improving logistics and recycling, two universities in Tampere, Finland, are working together on exploring alternatives as part of the RUOKO regional project.

50th Anniversary

Perspectives on IAPRI: the 1990s
A half-century on from the official founding of IAPRI in 1971, we look at one of the critical decades for the association, when the membership nearly trebled, the geographical footprint began a decisive shift, and communication at Board and membership levels underwent important changes.

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