Nofima scientist explores link between nanotech, shelf-life and recycling

The Research Council of Norway made the award, nominating Sarfraz as “an outstanding young researcher”.
In a statement, he said: “The aim of the project is to use nanotechnology to find smart solutions so that plastics used in food packaging can be more easily recycled. We also want to develop even smarter food packaging, to increase overall shelf-life and reduce food waste.”
A prime objective is to design in elements of active packaging. “We aim to increase the functionality of emitters by introducing better CO2 control inside the pack, as well as antimicrobial properties,” Sarfraz explained.

A further element within the research project is the integration of new markers into polymer packaging to indicate history of use, and whether the material is food-grade or not. “If successful, the new technology will be integrated as a plug-in to existing sorting systems in recycling facilities,” he said.