MSU spells out the benefits of mentoring for students

MSU Connect is a career mentoring and networking platform, allowing students to connect with volunteer alumni to explore possible career paths, learn about companies or the wider industry and help with the nuts and bolts of their résumé/CV, whether applying for jobs or continuing education.
MSU graduate Al Bosma mentored senior packaging major Eustace Akagha, who had previously had little success preparing himself for the world of work. Bosma, who graduated in 1988, is president and CEO of RTS Packaging LLC.
“You need to sell yourself and be able to articulate your personal value proposition to an employer,” he told MSUToday. “[Akagha] actually had more experience than he thought he had.”
He called MSU Connect “a worthwhile venture and a good way to help MSU students”. As a result of his meetings with Bosma, Akagha said he came away with a much better understanding of the hiring process.