VTT examines plastics circularity

In Europe, the Circular Plastics Alliance, of which VTT is a member, has set a goal of 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics being available on the market by 2025. Independently, the EU Waste Framework Directive has set recycling targets for plastics packaging of 55% by 2025, rising to 60% by 2030 and 65% by 2035.
Many in the industry believe that the Circular Plastics Alliance target, in particular, will stretch the capabilities of mechanical recycling, as VTT’s Holger Pöhler makes clear. “My own opinion is that this target will not be achievable without including chemical recycling in the calculation,” he says.
As the paper explains, it does not address the economics of circularity. “The focus is on fixing the material-related issues within the plastics value chain, which are estimated to be about half of the carbon neutrality challenge, and are the key to solving the plastics pollution issue.”
The publication of the paper was followed up with a mid-June webinar entitled ‘Redesigning Plastics for Circularity’.