IAPRI Elects new Directors to the Board

The new directors will take office at the conclusion of June meeting of the board.  This usually would take place prior to the start of the conference in Monterrey, Mexico but with the cancellation of the conference a date for a conference call meeting has not yet been determined.
The new institute directors are:

​Hiroaki Kitazawa, Ph.D.
Principal Researcher
Postharvest Science and Technology Unit, Food Research Institute, NARO

Expertise is designing packaging for fresh produce
Chair, Japan Mirror Committee, ISO/TC122/WG16
Director, The Society of Packaging Science and Technology, Japan

Roland ten Klooster, Ph.D.
Chair Packaging Design and Management
University of Twente
The Netherlands

Core research is on packaging decision making in the fields of sustainability, convenience, efficiency
Lead the team at the University of Twente hosting the member conference in 2019.
Selcuk Yildirim Ph.D.
Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Specializes in food packaging
Member of the Board, “Swiss Food Research” Agro food innovation network
IAPRI Active and Intelligent Packaging Working Group Chair
The corporate director is:

S. Paul Singh, Ph.D. 
Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University
President, Packaging Forensics Associates

Served on the IAPRI board in the past as a Institute Member Director.
Has served on many other boards involved in packaging.
Plan is to develop a more diverse culture in IAPRI that fortifies better partnership and dialogue with global companies and international research institutions to foster Innovation and Research in Packaging.