BAM will create joint chemistry and materials science research centre with University of Birmingham

What BAM calls the ‘virtual research centre’ will, according to the partners, start out with a focus on materials characterisation, catalytic chemistry and corrosion. But it will subsequently engage with other areas of research.
The two organisations already co-operate in areas such as environmental sciences and additive manufacturing, and this collaboration will continue.
At a signing ceremony in Berlin, president of BAM Ulrich Panne said: “We are very pleased about continuing our close co-operation. Together, we can contribute to the safety of new materials and technologies.”
UoB pro-vice-chancellor Robin Mason seemed to dismiss the idea that the looming prospect of Brexit would impact negatively on planned co-operation. “Europe continues to be a region of key importance for [our] research, and we continue to build and strengthen partnerships with major institutions across the EU, such as BAM,” he said.
Elements in the co-operation between the two organisations will include joint research, exchanges of materials, data and samples, but also staff exchanges, seminars, joint publications and reports.