IAPRI Board of Directors Meeting: October 16, 2019

  • The IAPR board began reviewing the definitions for the various membership categories with the intent of better clarification between Full Members and Corporate Members.
  • They reviewed the details for the World Packaging Conference in 2020 in Monterrey, Mexico and provided some feedback to the hosts, the University of Monterrey.
  • In reviewing Working Groups (WG), the board decided to let each WG determine whether the group was open to all or if everyone must apply and be accepted by the group.
  • The board began some discussions about what can IAPRI provide and what our potential members really want. It was decided to create a survey to existing members about what they like best about IAPRI and what they would like IAPRI to provide them in the future. This can be followed up by a survey of potential members later.
  • Jay Singh appointed Silvia Dantas as the chair of the Leadership Committee and the three outgoing members of the board (Lu Binglin, Wannee Chinisirikul and Katsuiko Saito) as members. The committee is charged with reviewing and recommending candidates for board positions in 2020.