Philippines hosts IAPRI members for ISTA Asia-Pacific Symposium

According to Safe Load, acceleration testing as a vital part of load safety for transported goods was a significant theme at the symposium. Sales manager at the Spanish-based company Carlos Mora offered a case study regarding stretch-film optimisation for a beer multinational, where different test technologies were used to establish unit-load safety.
Equipment utilised in the optimisation process included the innSlide Boomerang horizontal stability tester, which was developed for acceleration testing as part of the TransSafeLoad project.
Among other speakers touching on the topic of acceleration testing was Donnie Burgos, packaging support manager at Unilever Philippines, said Safe Load.
Vanee Chonhenchob of Kasetsart University, Thailand, spoke about the challenges around packaging for fresh produce chill chains in her home country. Ericson Nolasco of DOST’s Packaging Technology Division reciprocated with his own outline of design challenges for fresh produce transport packaging in the Philippines.
ISTA’s AJ Gruber, Eric Hiser and Brian O’Banion gave presentations on, respectively: effective package design; developing test standards; and global packaging research initiatives.
David Jin from Lansmont presented on how supply chain hazard measurement drives new and updated laboratory test standards.
DOST’s Leah Buendia, who is responsible for international co-operation, welcomed delegates to the symposium, with the Department’s Daisy Tanafranca providing the closing remarks.