Board urges members to optimise their IAPRI profile

The IAPRI Board is repeating its invitation made during the June Symposium that member institutes should take advantage of the opportunities offered by both the IAPRI website and the online newsletter to publicize their activities and research, as well as the expertise of individuals in particular areas of packaging science.
Secretary General Ed Church says: “This is a fantastic opportunity, not just for us to let industry and the wider world know what insight and experience we encompass as an association, but also what specific skill-sets your own institute – and the individuals within it – offer.”
He adds: “Posting your detailed information on the website is not complex or time-consuming and will help us ensure, not only that IAPRI becomes the go-to organization for packaging know-how, but also that those needing access to a specific area of expertise beat a path to your own front door.”
If you have any queries about how best to post your data on the IAPRI website, please address them to the Secretary General:
Potential stories for the newsletter can be sent to the Secretary General or to the newsletter Editor Paul Gander: