The IAPRI symposium moves into a new space, IAPRI Conferences to fresh venues

list of activities. Rather, it provides an opportunity for IAPRI to further its goals towards fostering an environment which allows organizations to communicate and develop ideas, exchange experiences and in many cases reduce duplication of effort.

The opportunity presented through the accommodation of IAPRI-sponsored symposia allows for us to host in-depth discussions on specific topics in geographical regions convenient to most potential participants and thought leaders. These topics could be any of the typical research themes featured at the Member and World Conferences or something very specialized, such as the Secretary General’s suggestion of Load Stability Testing for distribution of packaged products through various supply channels. Stay tuned for exciting developments in this area, promising a richer and more intense interaction between members on these types of specialized topic.

Keeping with the evolutionary theme, the IAPRI Board is very excited to provide its global network with opportunities to be in Mexico and India over the coming years. IAPRI will broaden its global presence through these first-time venues that not only provide new travel opportunities to its globe-trotting members but also promise very progressive programs. Those members who attended the recent outstanding event in The Netherlands may recall the innovative “poster pitch” sessions. These are now going to be included in all future IAPRI Conferences including the upcoming events in Mexico and India.

The 22nd IAPRI World Conference is being hosted by Universidad de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, the commercial, industrial, educational, and transportation hub of northern Mexico. I am optimistic that the event’s theme of Industry 4.0, an outstanding program which includes 17 research topics as well as the terrific social events planned will leave all participants with cherished memories of the United Mexican States (Mexico).  
The SIES School of Packaging in Mumbai, India is also exploring the venue for the 2021 event and promises a great introduction to the Indian subcontinent for IAPRI members.     

I look forward to seeing you all in the near future.

Jay Singh, IAPRI President