IAPRI Changing Symposiums to Member Conferences and More!

The IAPRI board has made a subtle and intelligent change in its usage of the word Symposium. The board recognized that these events did not meet the true definition of a Symposium.  So the 29th Symposium on Packaging in June in the Netherlands was the last usage for this type of member only event.

The Symposium events were identical in format and structure to our World Conference on Packaging with the exception that they were for members only and not open to the general packaging industry.
‚Äčnoun: symposium; plural noun: symposia; plural noun: symposiums
  1. a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.
    • a collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors.
  2. a formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics
  3. a collection of opinions on a subject
The board has been thinking about sponsoring its own one to one and a half day events that would be specific topic oriented. They would have just a few subject matter experts present with encouraged dialog on the topic between the attendees and the presenters. For example, a topic under consideration for the one Symposium would be Load Stability Testing.

The board has changed the IAPRI Operating Policies relating to events to now include three types of educational events. World Conferences, Member Conferences and Symposia. Here is a brief description and comparison of them:

World Conferences versus Member Conferences: On alternating years, an IAPRI World Conference or Member Conference is hosted by one of the Members. World conferences on even numbered years and member conferences on odd numbered years. Member Institutions can apply for hosting an event to the Board at any time. The Board shall announce the hosting institution at the Member Meeting at least two years before the event is to take place. The Board may indicate a main considered theme if desirable. World conferences are open to all interested parties while member conferences are only open to IAPRI members.

Symposia, when the Board deems it appropriate, it may sponsor an IAPRI Symposium on a very specific single topic by inviting experts to discuss and attendees to listen. It shall be a one or two-day event, depending on the scale of the topic and number of potential experts.

So please look ahead to the 30th IAPRI Member Conference in Mumbai, India in 2021 and consider sending us some  suggested topics you would like IAPRI to consider for an IAPRI Symposium.