June 2019 IAPRI Symposium registrations top 100

Over a week before the end of May, the organisers of IAPRI’s 2019 Symposium (11-14 June) at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, announced that more than 100 attendees had already registered for the event.
It will still, of course, be possible to register even after the formal close of advance registration on 1 June, but Twente’s Roland ten Klooster said he was pleased with progress so far.
Attendees are reminded that the Working Group meetings will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 11 June, followed by a welcome reception at the U Park Hotel from 18.00.
Details of all four days are available on the website (below). Further information, including the full schedule and abstracts, will be added between now and the start of the Symposium.