BFSV Germany acquires clamp tester, now essential for ISTA 6-Amazon protocol

International companies such as Amazon worked with ISTA to develop the new package testing protocol, which will be required to sell products via Amazon from August 2019, says Safe Load. As well as clamp testing, the protocol demands a climate chamber test, compression test, vibration test, drop test and shock test.

The innClamp machine with (L-R): Bernd Sadlowsky, BFSV; Antonio Madrigal, Safe Load; Johanna Lipski and Frank Volkmann, both BFSV

BFSV, also an IAPRI member, has acquired an innClamp SF-CL1200 machine, which is capable of testing packages measuring between 400mm and 1,200mm with horizontal force up to 10,000N and load accuracy of +/-5%. The system has an integral touch screen, Ethernet connection, and generates a deformation curve for each test.
Safe Load claims to be the first equipment supplier in Europe to be able to offer a system of this kind.