A packed program for IAPRI’s June 2019 Symposium

A packed program for IAPRI’s June 2019 Symposium
In a clear demonstration that IAPRI member organizations and individual researchers remain as keen as ever to present their work to their peers, the organizers of the June 2019 Symposium at the University of Twente, the Netherlands (11-14 June), have confirmed that they received over 110 submissions for papers, and have distilled this to a total of 70 oral presentations, filling up all available capacity at the event.
“In all, around 65 abstracts were judged as being appropriate for an oral presentation, and around 25 for a poster presentation,” explains chair of the Organizing Committee Roland ten Klooster, who runs the university’s Packaging Design and Management courses. “Around six or seven peer-review papers will be presented, as well.”
In order to boost the profile of the very important poster component of the Symposium, the organizers are introducing a new feature for Twente. “We would like to give those researchers who are going for a poster presentation more of ‘the floor’ to present their research,” says ten Klooster. “They are each being invited to prepare a five-minute pitch presentation using up to five PowerPoint slides, as well as the poster itself. We will try to fit this into the official program.”
As usual in the selection process, each abstract submitted was reviewed by three different members of the Scientific Committee.
Meanwhile, the university is warning that demand for hotels in the area is likely to be high. “In the same week [in June], two other conferences are being organized at the university,” says ten Klooster. “Hotels close by are already fully booked, so please check in time whether you can find a place to stay. We will try to find other hotels in the neighborhood that still have space.”