IAPRI Establishes New Website

We are a relatively small international association and managed by a part-time Secretary General position.  The Board of Directors decided that IAPRI needed to develop an administrative function to be as simple and complete as possible. Therefore, we have installed a central core database platform that ties together contacts, communications, event notifications, membership renewals, newsletters and broadcast emails, file retention, board activities, and operating documents.

With the Website Content Management platform, we will be able to easily update, delete, or create new content on the website, offer public, member only, board member, event specific, and Working Group specific content. It offers a Member Directory for the organizations and a Researchers Directory where the public and researchers at member companies will be able to find researchers with special skills or interests as listed on their individual information.

If you find anything on the website that needs to be corrected, added, fixed or you work at a member institute and want access to the member login area, please contact Ed Church at sg@iapri.org.