Guide to Hosting an IAPRI Conference

IAPRI World & Member Conference Anticipation Planning
This is a Guide to Hosting an IAPRI World Conference or Member Conference.  The Guide and associated documents are adaptations of documents compiled by Roland ten Klooster who chaired the Member Conference at the University of Twente in the Netherlands in 2019, Professor Wang who chaired the World Conference hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology in China in 2018 and the 2017 Member Conference chaired jointly by Eric Martine and Yves Wyser and hosted by the School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD)and Nestle Research. 

Process Abstract Review and Presentation Selection
This contains a lot of important information about two options for abstract review; EasyChair and one that is part fof the IAPRI association managment software platform.
The examples of letters that were used in Twente. The user must read the templates carefully to insert their specific information.
IAPRI Conference Check Sheet 12-12-2022
An extensive list that is an overview and can be used as a tool and for the event organizer.
The organizer can change or to add information as needed and should keep this document up to date as executing the plan.
The following files can be used as templates:

Full Paper Example-sml
This is a formatting example of a full paper to get the same lay out in the proceedings. Reminder that PTS does not have a lay out or template for the peer reviewed papers.
Poster Template: Indesign  Poster Template: Publisher
The files are two formats of the template design that was used in Twente 2019. Every organizer can use their own background graphics. The background graphics are in a layer that can be replaced easily if you work in InDesign.
The layout for posters is up to the organizer. The advantage of having one standardized lay-out is that the organizer only has to make a new the background design, the graphics. And the poster more or less fit into a format design and will always look the same. We suggest using A0 as the standard size for all activities. Every printer can print A0. You can also choose to keep the header in the center at the top and to use three columns. Pictures can use one or two columns, eventually three. As shown in the template.
Again, the organizer can use your own design skills and wishes.
Poster Paper Example
This an example of the format for the short paper associated with a Poster Exhibit.
Poster PowerPoint Template Pitch
This an example of a common format for the short “pitch” PowerPoint presentation for each Poster.
This is the file with the final program. The original file is made in Excel and this document is made by printing pdf’s of the pages with fixed width and then combining the pdf’s to one file. Combining pdf’s can be done in Adobe Acrobat but also by use of websites like
This is the Excel file that was used to make the program (as mentioned at Program-IAPRI-Symposium-Twente-2019-v20190612). It can used as a standard with more or less the same timing. Using the same format of timing will bring a standard. It used the same timings as in Lausanne and partly in Zhuhai.
Scientific Committee 29th Symposium IAPRI UTwente-v05.xlsx
This is an Excel file that was used to identify possible members of the committee and then assign abstracts for review to topic area experts.